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[54] M. Shayan,# M. F. Abdollahi,#, M. C. Lawrence, E. C. Guinand, M. Goulet, T. George, J. D. Masuda, M. Katz,*, A. Laventure,* U. Werner-Zwanziger, S. S. Chitnis,* "Rigid PN Cages as 3-Dimensional Building Blocks for Crystalline or Amorphous Networked Materials", Chem. Commun.,2024, In Press. (# denotes equal contribution, Invited Communication to the 60th Anniversary Edition of Chem. Commun.)

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[49] T. J. Hannah, W. M. McCarvell, T. Kirsch, T. Hynes, J. Mayho, K. Bamford, C. Vos, C. M. Kozak, T. George, J. D. Masuda, and S. S. Chitnis,* “Planar Bismuth Triamides: A Tunable Platform for Main Group Lewis Acidity and Polymerization Catalysis", Chem. Sci., 2023, 14, 4549-4563. (Full Paper)

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[45] J. Bedard, N. J. Roberts, M. Shayan, K. L. Bamford, U. Werner-Zwanziger, K. M. Marczenko, S. S. Chitnis,* “(PNSiMe3)4(NMe)6: A Robust Tetravalent Phosphaza-adamantane Scaffold for Molecular and Macromolecular Construction", Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2022, 61, e202204851. (Full Paper)
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[44] R. E. H. Kuveke, L. Barwise, Y. van Ingen, K. Vashisth, N. J. Roberts, S. S. Chitnis,* J. L. Dutton,* C. D. Martin,* R. L. Melen,* “An International Study Evaluating Elemental Analysis", ACS Cent. Sci., 2022, 8, 855-863. (Full Paper, In-Focus Article)
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[43] T. H. Hynes, J. D. Masuda,* S. S. Chitnis,* “Mesomeric Tuning at Planar Bi Centres: Unexpected Dimerization and Benzyl C-H Activation in [CN2]Bi Complexes", ChemPlusChem, 2022, In Press. (Full Paper) Invited contribution to the Pnictogen Compounds special issue

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