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Molecular & Macromolecular Main Group Chemistry

Dalhousie University


We are a group that started at Dalhousie University in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia in July 2018. We make geometrically tuned molecules for fundamentally interesting and useful chemistry across the molecular and macromolecular length scales.

Latest News

February 2023

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher! Details here.

January 2023

We bid a fond farewell to our postdoctoral researcher Dr. Mohsen Shayan, who is moving to Ontario to work in industry. Best of luck Mohsen!

November 2022

Toren Hynes successfully defended his MSc thesis in our group! Congrats Toren!

A new pre-print on planar bismuth compounds and their application in catalysis is now on ChemRxiv. See link on the publications page.

October 2022

We bid adieu to our visiting researchers Tamina Kirsch (Marburg), Jacqui Mayho (Cardiff), and Tom Linford-Wood (Bath)!

September 2022

Toren's work on [CN2]Bi complexes is published in ChemPlusChem as part of the Pnictogen Compounds special issue.

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