The lab is fully equipped for handling highly air-, moisture-, and temperature-sensitive compounds through full-time access to the following equipment:

  • several Schlenk/high-vacuum lines
  • two double-station gloveboxes (one equipped with a cold port)
  • a combination fridge-freezer (-25 Celsius) for flammables
  • several precision and analytical balances
  • low-temperature circulating cooling bath
  • full-spectrum photoreactor
  • high-temperature and vacuum ovens
  • a large assortment of synthetic glassware (custom-built by our skilled glassblower)


Researchers have access to:

  • 300 MHz and 500 MHz Bruker NMR solution-phase spectrometers
  • 400 MHz Bruker solid-phase spectrometer
  • variable temperature Bruker Raman spectrometer
  • Bruker D8 single-crystal diffractometer with Photon II detector
  • PineWave inert atmosphere electrochemistry apparatus
  • inert atmosphere UV-VIS apparatus
  • DSC, TGA, and several other materials characterization tools through the Clean Technologies Research Institute


All researchers in the group have access to Gaussian 16 and the Amsterdam Density Functional 2017 suites through Compute Canada’s high performance clusters (Cedar and Graham). We generally perform all computational modelling in-house with departmental and external collaborations as needed to supplement our capabilities.