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Current Group Members (summer 2019)

Researchers in our group gain hands-on experience in synthetic inorganic chemistry and catalysis, including the use of Schlenk and high-vacuum lines, dryboxes, NMR/Mass/IR/Raman spectroscopy techniques, X-ray crystallography, and electrochemistry. In addition, group members are part of a department that boasts internationally-recognized experts in computational chemistry, catalysis, and battery technology. If you are interested in joining us for undergraduate or graduate research, please contact Saurabh by email.

We are also seeking postdoctoral researchers with intentions of applying for fellowships to join us. In addition to external sources (e.g. NSERC, Banting, etc.), Dalhousie also offers the prestigious Killam Postdoctoral Fellowships for outstanding candidates to undertake two years of research.

If you are considering joining us for your graduate studies, click here to find the necessary information about important dates and the numerous funding opportunities offered by the university. 

Feel free to contact Saurabh if you would like additional information!

More info about members below:


Saurabh S. Chitnis

Assistant Professor

Ph. D. University of Victoria (2015, Neil Burford)
PDF - University of Bristol (2017, Ian Manners)
PDF - University of Toronto (2018, Douglas Stephan)

NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship (2011)
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (2012-2015)
Governor General's Gold Medal for Doctoral Research (2015)
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship (2015-2017)

Graduate Students


Marcus Kindervater

B.Sc. Mt. Allison University

M.Sc. Student

My name is Marcus Kindervater and I am from Amherst, NS. Most recently I was a resident of Sackville, NB where I graduated from Mount Allison University with a BSc Honours in Chemistry. In August 2018 I am starting research with the Chitnis group at Dalhousie University in hopes of completing an MSc Chemistry program. My interests include the culinary arts, basketball and card games with friends.


Katherine Marczenko

M.Sc. McMaster University

Ph.D. Student

I was born in Toronto, ON and I completed my B.Sc. at the University of Guelph and my M.Sc. at McMaster University in noble-gas and fluorine chemistry. I am very excited to start my Ph.D. in this Chitnis lab this September. Outside the lab, you can find me hanging out with my two bengal cats, playing the piano, or exploring nature!

Undergraduate Students


Cali Park

Volunteer Researcher

BSc - Dalhousie University (in progress)

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, but Halifax has been my home since 2009. I am a second year undergraduate student at Dalhousie University with hopes of majoring in math and statistics with a minor in chemistry. I was given the opportunity to work in Chitnis lab from January, and have been loving what I do ever since! My hobbies include playing music, singing, and adventuring.


Nick Roberts

Volunteer Researcher

BSc - Dalhousie University (in progress)

My name is Nick Roberts and I am an undergraduate looking to do an Honours in Chemistry and a Minor in Neuroscience. More often than not you can find me in the Chemistry resource center doing whatever work I haven't finished yet. Whenever I have spare time I like to play guitar or socialize at Chembeer. 


Sam Jee

NSERC USRA and Laing Award Researcher

BSc - Dalhousie University (in progress)

Sam joined the Chitnis group in May 2019 and is exploring the coordination chemistry of low-oxidation state bismuth compounds.


Josh MacMillan

NSERC USRA and Sobey Award Researcher

BSc - Dalhousie University (in progress)

Josh joined the Chitnis group in May 2019 and is exploring the chemistry of inorganic clusters.



Joey Zurakowski

NSERC USRA and ICE Program Researcher (Summer 2019)

BSc in progress at Carleton University


Fatemeh Shahriari

Experiential Course (Summer 2019)

BSc in progress at Dal


Chloe-Louise Johnson

Honours Thesis (09/2018-04/2019)

Chloe is now at the University of Bath (UK)